A few days ago I found myself reflecting on the element of silence – or what feels like a lack of it at times in my life.

Of course, there are those collective silent moments through our world that we each connect with and engage in.

But there are more personal and individual silent moments as well.

I have experienced silent moments as a therapist with clients.  I have sat with friends and family when we have no words to express our feelings.  I have had my own silent moments as a client when I desperately wanted my therapist to “fill the gap” because I couldn’t face my feelings alone.  And I have created silent moments of my own for reflections and meditation.

I am mindful as I write this, that this time of year is usually accompanied by parties, noise, families, food and celebration.

But, nothing is normal this year is it?

And as for the turning of the year – well the big fireworks displays are simply not going to be there in the usual format.  And I can’t be doing with fireworks on zoom!

So, for me, as we close this year there will be a few silent moments.

Within therapy and life generally, those silent moments, if we allow them, offer an opportunity to acknowledge where we have come from in the past; connect with who we are and what our world is right now in the present; and reflect on what we want our life to be and where we are going in the future, the coming year.

Very often we complain that we don’t get a moment’s peace or silence for ourselves.

But those moments are there everywhere if we seek them out.  And we can create them for ourselves if we give ourselves permission to do so.

But whatever your celebration, at the turning of this year, I’d encourage you to take even just one small moment to acknowledge the past, connect with the present and consider your vision for your future.

And may your silent moment(s) bring you peace, joy and hope.