I don’t know about you, but right now I’m “all zoomed out”.

It’s not that I have anything (much) against working on zoom (other platforms are available!).  But I find it very draining.

Obviously there’s no element of physically sitting with the other person.

Although there I am “sitting” with the other person right in front of me.

And there’s no physical contact.

But then there’s no physical contact within a therapy session generally anyway.

But, in any “normal” process, face to face also includes looking down, looking away, moving a little in the chair.  Feeling the tension, fear or whatever emotion in the air between us.  Being able to observe small physical movements; non verbal communication etc

And that doesn’t work for me really on zoom.

I also work very creatively with drawing, objects, mindfulness meditation, visualisation, sand trays, collage etc

And absolutely very little of that works for me on zoom.

In a group meeting round a table, there are a thousand and one lines of sight.  Zoom gives me one view – straight on full face for 100% of the time.

And I find it draining.

But of course, there is another side.

Because, obviously, what it does do, is enable me to maintain contact in a very visual way with clients, colleagues and family.  And where would I be without that?

But the balance for me is still firmly weighted in the real life face to face contact, physically in the same room together.

And for you it might just have opened up a new area of work with a thousand possibilities that you might never before have considered opening up before you.

The verdict:  we need both.

So I’m going to be signing off zoom for Christmas and New Year!

“See you” in January!