Or should that be “Magic Miracle”?....

Of course, it doesn’t matter whether you work as a therapist or coach, magic wands are generally in short supply, and miracles are not that common either.

But, there are many clients who nevertheless want, and expect, the therapist to “wave a magic wand” and “make everything better”.

Solution-Focussed Therapy includes a process asking “the miracle question”, that is: “Imagine when you wake up tomorrow morning, a magical transformation, a miracle has happened!  What is different?  What tells you things have changed?

The client might describe the people, things, events in their miracle scenario; what they and others are doing, saying, wearing etc, using their senses to draw the picture of the transformation.

And then the real magic and miracle starts to unfold.  The work of engagement, focus, exploration, challenge, development and progress.  There is a clearly visualised goal and a gradual unfolding of the process of transformation.

Of course, the client can choose not to engage with their responsibility in that process, and the magic is lost, the miracle doesn’t happen.  That’s always difficult to sit with as a therapist or coach.  But we need to learn to be able to engage with and allow that.

Perhaps the magic wand then, is not a piece of wood which changes everything in an instant, but that magical touching-point in the process when the client becomes fully engaged with the magic power of the wand to produce the miracle transformation for themselves.

Slower work certainly.  But magic wands are definitely in short supply, and miracles usually involve a lot of hard work!

Are you up for a bit of magic in your life?