Well it isn’t, is it!  (I tried very hard not to say the pantomime-y thing here...)

There are very few pantomimes running right now.  The show just doesn’t work with covid restrictions wherever you are in the world.

But pantomime is not real life anyway is it?

And the covid pandemic is certainly not a pantomime.

So not much to smile about then in this season of ‘comfort and joy’.

The success in finding a vaccine is not a pantomime game either, but it is a great treasure of discovery bringing light in the darkness.

Anything related to “normal” life, just isn’t normal as we know it anymore.  And the “word of the year” in terms of over-use surely has to be “unprecedented” whatever the dictionaries say.

And therapy is not a game either.

Certainly there can be times of humour and even laughter.  But there can also be a lot of tears and hard work as well.

When I was in training many years ago, the course I was taking had a requirement for me to undertake at least 40 hours of personal therapy during the time of training.

So I found myself, sitting with a therapist pouring out my story, and responding when asked my reasons for coming to therapy right now.....”I’m in training and have to fulfil a requirement for 40 hours therapy”........and then adding that, “... for me personally, I need to be in therapy to address some old issues, and it will take however long it takes whatever number of hours”.....

My therapist responded “I’m glad to hear that...because if your only reason is to fulfil course requirements and you feel you don’t really need therapy, I wouldn’t agree to work with you.”

Well that told me straight!

This wasn’t a game.  Or a pantomime.  But real hard work.

There were laughs.  There were tears.  And it was certainly many more than 40 sessions.

Of course I learned a lot about myself.  And I learned a lot about being and working with my own clients subsequently.

So when anyone in training tells me they don’t need therapy, I tell them it’s not a game.  Or a pantomime.  Or an option.

Because therapy is for life not just for training.

Oh yes it is! (sorry - couldn’t resist it...)