It occurred to me a few days ago just how many phrases we use on a daily basis that refer to time.

“I haven’t got time right now”,  “Time stood still”, “It’s too early to say”, “I’ll try and make time for it”, “I completely forgot the time”......”The time just ran away from me”, “The time just flew by” and so on, and so on.

We are boundaried by time on all sides it seems.

Time is a critical element in every part of our lives whether it’s about squeezing the last bit of fun from our time on holiday, or managing a difficult and (too) long meeting.

Sometimes, time does seem to stand still.  It might be a significant experience, and often traumatic, with images that become etched in our mind.  Or it might be a meeting that seems to last forever even though it’s actually only half an hour.  I’m sure you have been in some of those meetings just like me.  I’ve been in therapy sessions like that too, both as a therapist and a client!

And then there are those therapy sessions where we run over time for any number of reasons.

It might be some door handle revelation, that needs at least a little bit of talk before the final ending of the session.

Or it might be that the clock has stopped; or we or the client have tried to deal with too much in the session; or we simply seem at that moment to have lost the ability to bring the session to a close and stop the client talking!

More than all of that I suppose we are all conscious at points in our lives of the inevitable passage of time, and the ageing process.

But whatever our experience of time, it seems to me important to recognise the present moment, whether that’s within a therapy session, or in our lives on a daily basis.

As I’ve gained more experience over the years at different levels of therapeutic work, I have long since decided that “less is more” often within a therapy session in order to enable exploration of issues in depth, but also in life generally if I want to really savour the moment and engage at a good level with my experiences.

And “less is certainly more” in Blogs as well.........