20-20 Vision.

Now there’s a turn of phrase for this current year of 2020!

Of course, everything is different with hindsight isn’t it?  We can all be clever from that viewpoint.

But perfect vision hasn’t necessarily helped us with the current global crisis in the way that we might have hoped for or expected.

I certainly didn’t have any measure of the current situation when I spent last Christmas with my family for an extended period.

And whatever we may feel about government decisions, restrictions, powers or anything like that, not one single person has 20-20 vision with a perfect answer to what is being thrown at us each and every day right now.

But for me, 20-20 vision also relates to those dreams I hold. What I would like in my perfect world.  My ideal job.  My ideal home, life, relationship etc etc. And how I see the future for myself, my family and my life.

Back in the days of my youth (ha ha!) there was a chart pop song by ELO, “Hold on Tight to Your Dreams”.

Difficult when challenged and assailed on every side.

But what is your vision for your future, your dream?

Does your dream demand perfect 20-20 vision, or is it flexible enough to accommodate the fact the natural changes in that vision?

We are after all, fallible human beings.

And we can’t perfectly predict the sudden personal, national or global changes in fortune or fate.

So part of my own process right now, is reconnecting with my dream for myself, with the vision that I have.

The personal challenges to me seem insurmountable at times.  But some of those challenges have in the past produced an enormous sense of achievement when I rediscover or redefine my dream.

So, with all the experience of the year 2020 and with all the connotations of 20-20 vision, what is your dream right now?

What will enable you to improve your vision?

What will enable you to rediscover, redefine, reshape your vision and dream?

How exactly are you going to “hold on tight to your dreams”?

Right now, I’m going to make a fresh pot of coffee, open my daily dream journal and give myself permission to explore my dream again with both my inner and external vision.

I hope you too will be able to cherish your dreams and hold on tight.