"I was able to complete my course quickly and easily - I'm going to do another one as soon as possible."

Becky Samuels

"Chrysalis Online Courses are different because the writers and tutors are experts "

Bernice Pye

Chrysalis Courses Online is brought to you by Chrysalis Not For Profit Limited. We understand that it can be quite overwhelming to make a big change in your life, especially when it has to do with your career. It can also be very expensive to re-train, and what if you’ve made the wrong decision?

This is why we developed our online offering - to introduce you to the world of therapy without any of the pressure or cost of a full professional course. You can take the first step into learning about a new exciting career, all from the comfort of your own home.

Our courses are Quality Checked and recognised by The National Counselling Society or the National Hypnotherapy Society. The Societies hold Accredited Registers which are recognised by the Professional Standards Authority

What does this mean if you study with us? Our online courses in counselling or hypnotherapy can be your first step that, with further Chrysalis training, can lead you onto an Accredited Register. If you complete an online course you can get a 10% discount on future professional training.

With our Advanced Certificate in Life Coaching and Advanced Certificate in NLP, you are able to start practising straight away, on completion of your course.

Our online courses are unique because they have been written by qualified writers and tutors and are being brought to you by real experts in the field. You can therefore be confident that your course is well-written, well-researched and credible whilst being interactive and easy to understand. Unlike other distance learning providers who are a “jack of all trades”, we only offer courses in the subjects that we’re passionate about and which can make positive changes for our students.

our courses

  • certificate in counselling

    Quality Checked Certificate enabling you to take the first step in your counselling career

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  • certificate in humanistic counselling

    Quality Checked Certificate enabling you to take your first step as a Humanistic Counsellor or deepen your counselling practice

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  • certificate in hypnotherapy

    Quality Checked Certificate equipping you with the basics of hypnosis and hypnotherapy

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  • diploma in hypnotherapy

    Quality Checked Diploma giving you a fast track to becoming a hypnotherapist (n.b Certificate course not required)

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  • certificate in life coaching

    Quality Checked Certificate teaching the basics of coaching and allowing you to make positive life changes

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  • advanced certificate in life coaching

    Quality Checked Certificate giving you a fast track to becoming a Life Coach Practitioner (n.b. Certificate course not required)

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  • certificate in nlp

    Quality Checked Certificate enabling you to learn all the basics of NLP for yourself, or as a therapist

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  • advanced certificate in nlp

    Quality Checked Certificate giving you a fast track to becoming an NLP Practitioner (n.b. Certificate course not required)

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what can I expect
from the course


Upon successful completion of every one of our courses, you will achieve a Certificate or Diploma which (where indicated) is Quality Checked by the relevant professional associations National Counselling Society or National Hypnotherapy Society. Some courses (where indicated) allow you to practice straight away.

The Work

Our courses are solely coursework based so students are able to download and print the relevant material to read and then you will be encouraged to complete a variety of tasks. These can be typed either directly onto our Word Processing service or alternatively you can use Microsoft Word to upload and submit your coursework. If you would prefer to receive materials in the post this can be arranged at time of purchase (extra charges apply.)

Each module has a number of difference exercises within it and you are asked to complete every exercise in full before submitting your module for marking. If you are successful in passing, you will receive your results and the next module will become available for you to begin. When you have completed all the modules, you will receive your Certificate.

Time to Complete

All our courses indicate the minimum time you would need to complete them. The main thing to remember though, is that you can take as long as you like to complete your studies *

* Terms and Conditions Apply.

Your own Tutor

When you purchase a Chrysalis Course Online you will be assigned to one of our expert tutors who really know their specialist subject and who has been instrumental in building the content for your course. You can contact them easily for help and advice throughout your course ensuring you have all the support you need to achieve success.

Coffee Shop Forum

Our coffee shop forum is a great interactive tool where students can meet online to discuss their course or simply chat with like-minded people. It provides a support base where you can make friends and feel part of a community – who knows, you could even meet up with your new friend on a professional level face-to-face Chrysalis course in the future!

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