"I was able to complete my course quickly and easily - I'm going to do another one as soon as possible."

Becky Samuels

"Where Chrysalis Online Courses stand out is the expertise and care of the writers and tutors - this is not one of those Jack of All Trades places and the quality shines through."

Kimberley Brignall

"My Chrysalis Online Course in counselling was a really good investment."

John Burleigh

"There are plenty of cheap courses on the internet – but my Chrysalis online course was real value for money."

Jane Erickson

"A course with the right support and feedback was essential to me – and the Chrysalis online system fulfils that need."

Colin Davies

"Chrysalis Online Courses are different because the writers and tutors are experts "

Bernice Pye

Deciding to take the first step towards learning a new skill can be a daunting one but don’t let unanswered questions prevent you from taking your first step towards what could be a life changing experience.

Whatever online course you are thinking of starting we can provide an enjoyable and rewarding online experience for you. Whether you are looking to study in a new field of expertise, return to study after a break period or simply have a thirst for knowledge, we can help.

On this section of the website you can access some of the more frequently asked questions about our online courses including topics like; personal tuition, course payment and fees..

If you don’t find the answer you were looking for contact us and our expert staff will be happy to assist.

And don’t forget, we offer 100% satisfaction with all of our online courses and as such every course we offer comes with a fully refundable money back guarantee – for details of this see our online courses terms and conditions.

Q. Can I study your course if I don’t have any formal qualifications?
A. Yes. Our online courses are especially designed to be a great introduction to the different professions of counselling, hypnotherapy, life coaching or NLP so you don’t need to have any prior experience.
Q. Do I receive personal tuition?
A. Yes. All courses have a dedicated online tutor and you will be able to contact them directly for help and advice throughout each stage of your course.
Q. Can I pay the course by instalments?
A. Yes this is possible and many people find it a convenient way to pay and budget their finances.
Q. Are your courses recognised?
A. Yes. Our courses are recognised and Quality Checked by the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS) or the National Hypnotherapy Society. Both societies hold Accredited Registers which are recognised by the Professional Standards Authority.
Q. Why should I study with Chrysalis Courses?
A. Established in 1998, we have over 15 years experience in delivering specialist counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy courses to our students. We are the UK’s largest trainer in the field of talking therapies and our courses are all written by credible professionals. You can therefore be assured that our online courses are being delivered by the same, respected organisation.
Q. Will I be able to practice as a counsellor or hypnotherapist after completing a course with you?
A. Although there are no statutory regulations governing the title ‘Counsellor’ or ‘Hypnotherapist’ we would not recommend that you would be able to claim yourself to be a competent practitioner by only doing our online course, or indeed any other distance learning course in this field. Our courses are designed to be an introductory step in the process and if you decide you’d like to pursue it as a career; we would advise undertaking a professional level, face-to-face course which gives you the necessary supervised hours you would require to enter this sector. You can achieve this with Chrysalis Courses
Q. Will I be able to practice as a Life Coach or NLP practitioner after completing a course with you?
A. Yes, but only if you complete either the Advanced Certificate in Life Coaching or the Advanced Certificate in NLP.
Q. Are there any entry requirements?
A. No. You can purchase and begin your course without any prior experience in the field.
Q. How long does a typical course last?
A. Depending on your chosen course, it is possible to complete it within 4-8 weeks but this will be dependent on your home / work commitments so please bear in mind that this timing is not guaranteed. Distance learning is wholly reliant on you and your ability to devote your study time to the course but be assured that you can take as long as you need to complete – there is no deadline.
Q. Are there any examinations?
A. No. Our courses are solely coursework based and each module has a number of different exercises within it which you are asked to complete. You must complete all the exercises in full before submitting your module for marking and if you are successful in passing, you will receive your results and the next module will become available for you to begin. When you have completed all the modules, you will receive your Certificate.
Q. I am new to Online/Distance Learning, will I benefit from it?
A. There are many reasons why people choose to study online and each student will have his/her own reason. Read more about Distance Learning and find out if it will suit you.
Q. Can I study more than one course at a time?
A. Yes, as long as you have purchased each course independently, you can choose to study as many courses as you like.
Q. Do I have to wait until the start of a term to enrol?
A. No. One of the major benefits with distance/online learning is that you may start your course at any time to suit you.
Q. How will I receive my course materials?
A. Each module has its own set of relevant reading material which you will be given access to as you progress through the course. You are encouraged to download and print the relevant material.

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