"Chrysalis Online Courses are different because the writers and tutors are experts "

Bernice Pye

"Where Chrysalis Online Courses stand out is the expertise and care of the writers and tutors - this is not one of those Jack of All Trades places and the quality shines through."

Kimberley Brignall

Being a Counsellor or Hypnotherapist is an extremely rewarding profession, providing a sense of self fulfilment and achievement through helping others.

Chrysalis Courses are designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to succeed within these growing industries, ensuring the outcome of a fully prepared professional. Prior to embarking on a career within counselling or hypnotherapy, it’s important to recognise the desirable characteristics that allow students to flourish within the field of talking therapies.

  1. Be confident in your communication skills, with the ability to converse with individuals at any level and from any background.
  2. Be approachable, trustworthy and understanding, in order to establish positive relationships with clients.
  3. Understand the importance of confidentially and be able to identify the right from wrong.
  4. Have a strong sense of self awareness and the ability to reflect on your own thoughts and actions.
  5. Have a high level of patience and the capacity to challenge individuals in a positive manner.
  6. Be both compassionate and non-judgemental in order to identify the most beneficial solution.
  7. Have an awareness of ethics and personal integrity.
  8. Be able to cautiously guide but not lead discussion, ensuring the conversation is not limited.
  9. Be proficient in transferable skills such as organisation and time management to carefully manage workload, remaining attentive to client needs at all times.
  10. Be able to encourage and empower others within challenging situations and be confident in the advice given and methods used.

This may be your first experience with online courses or you may have completed a number of them; either way, one of the most important things is what you do with the extra knowledge that you have gained online.

On successful completion of one of our online courses, you will find that you have a number of options available to you that were not options previously. This might include the opportunity to look into a career change in the field of expertise that you have been studying or deciding to start another course to build your knowledge and continue studying with us.

Other post study options that people consider include volunteering within your local community so that you can supplement your online study with some practical workplace experience. This can prove both personally rewarding but also very savvy to include on your CV which can make you stand out from the crowd.

If you would like to ask our expert team any questions on your options during and post online study don’t forget to contact us.

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