Therapy is serious stuff.

And so is real life.

But that doesn't stop the strange things, the funny things, the laughter, and the ridiculous from happening in life.

And even in therapy.

Like the colleague of mine who recounts the fact that his chair completely collapsed during a session with a client.

And my getting a parking ticket for being 3 minutes late back and over the time limit to my car after  a therapy session (perhaps not quite so funny that one....).

Or a colleague finding that the multi-use therapy room had been turned into Santa's grotto.

Or another colleague finding themselves locked inside one part of the building and having to force open a window onto the flat roof and shin down the drainpipe to get out....

Or the fact that I once had two clients with very similar names (and certainly the same initials), and almost identical situations, and begging our administrator not to book them in on the same day...and being thwarted by them each cancelling and re-booking appointments back to back on the same day after all.

And of course, there are also those occasions when I have shared laughter with clients in sessions.

And of course, it's important to take a cue from the client with laughter and smiles.  The moment and time has to be right.

But just sometimes, there's the spontaneous stuff of life that raises a laugh.  And it's important to acknowledge and engage with that, and know when to stop.

I find I can only write Blogs in silence – no radio or tv on, no music in the background – and right now the council grass cutters have just arrived in force outside my house.

Definitely a good time to stop!