Oh, I know....” A leftover Christmas Story”....and it’s getting towards Easter!

It all came about after I read an online article about a farmer with a flock of turkeys.  (What’s a group of turkeys called?!).  His sheepdog was used to cattle, but the turkeys needed some different management.

So the farmer trained his sheepdog to herd the turkeys round the fields and barns to maintain his stock levels for Christmas.

He had to teach an old dog new tricks...

He had to work with what he had in order to achieve a new goal.

So, just perhaps we can apply that to ourselves.  When was the last time you taught yourself a new skill?  When was the last time you set yourself a completely new goal, or took on learning something completely different for you?

Currently, I am thinking about moving house to be closer to family.  Now this is definitely not something I was anticipating for myself at all.  Moving house is big business.  And it would mean moving to an area of the country I have never lived in before.  And it all seems to take so much energy, thought, preparation, planning, and new processes.

But, circumstances change.  The farmer diversified from cattle to turkeys and had to find new ways of working and managing his new venture.

CBT is a therapeutic approach that supports us in changing and managing our ways of working.  Coaching supports us in setting our own goals and finding ways of achieving them.

So when something new is on the horizon, there is always support around, be it skills and techniques to enable us to achieve our goals in practical terms; family and friends to support us in our personal process; or our own inner awareness and insight to move us forward to the next stage for us.

My “rafter of turkeys” (I looked it up!) task is about moving house.

What’s yours?