It’s that time of year again. And whilst no therapist or coach has a magic wand, somehow there’s that part of us that always wants to dream, share a fantasy, and experience that little bit of magic both within our lives, and within the therapeutic process.

I have been having a clear-out recently of old paperwork and clutter.  It involved a lot of shredding.  Among the items I pulled out of the box were some things from my daughter’s early schooldays.  She had already seen them, been through them and taken what she felt she wanted us to keep.  Reading through the stuff for myself slowed down the shredding process I must say!

But as I worked through the pile, and emptied my shredder bin every so often, I realised that the floor was somehow getting sprinkled with some of the glitter from her old papers.

It brought that little bit of a magic sparkle to my floor.  And took an age to clear up afterwards!

But just for a while, I enjoyed the sparkle in the light and the changing, glittering colours.  It was my own magical moment.

Some of the papers reflected difficult times, painful stories.  Some of it, of course, was fun.  But everything together resulted in that little bit of magic that is part of our family together.

That little bit of magic may feel elusive for many of us, and for much of the time, whatever time of year.

But actually, when you look through the experiences of life, somehow the everyday contains that little bit of magic already in ways we least expect or realise.

We might not be able to wave a magic wand, but that magic is there waiting for us.

I hope you will find your own little bit of magic this festive season.