Remember now - there’s more than one definition of “moving”!...

It’s truly amazing how much a house move focuses the mind.  When I moved to my current house, I told everyone I simply was not going to be moving anywhere ever again.....

Guess what?!

Now, last year was a big moving event for a good friend of mine.  She and her family were leaving the farm they had worked for 40 years, and moving to a much smaller house and retiring from farm life.  Just the thought of that blows my mind when it comes to things like clearing out the cupboards and drawers etc.

I have another friend who is also moving this year – from a much loved and treasured home which has been part of her life and family history for a long, long time.  I know that house well, and again I cannot begin to imagine clearing everything out.

But – back to my own moving story.

Ever the list-maker, I set myself a task through December of clearing out all the cupboards and drawers through the house in order.  I had my plan.  It was SMART (I thought).  And I managed to stay with it to the end of all the kitchen cupboards and drawers.  And the feeling of success was great.

And then I stopped – it all felt a bit too much when I started thinking of the sideboard and the walk-in hall storage cupboard.

And then there was Christmas and New Year.

And now we are here.  And moving date is just that bit closer....

So it’s back to the list for another go.

The ebb and flow of this process reminds me a lot of the ebb and flow in the therapeutic process.  A client will often deal with some significant issue and then seemingly tread water for a while.

But as with my list of drawers and cupboards, the client needs time to draw breath and absorb the full impact of the process they have engaged with in order to re-engage with further work when the mind and body is ready again.

So, trust the process.  Allow the space.  And the space will create the next move at the right time.