Words being words, we may well understand these words very differently depending on our age and circumstances.

A Virus:  “Back in the day” as my daughter says, we spoke about a virus as being the usual round of flu, and the infectious illnesses we all went through as children.

In the current day, a virus has come much more to mean that “blue screen of death” when the computer system is infected and everything I worked so long and hard on disappears before my eyes.  Or the “Millennium Bug” that never was.

Today, of course, we are back with virus being THE virus.

A Tablet: When I was young, if an older relative told me they had “forgotten their tablet”, it meant a trip to the pharmacist to get a new supply of medication, or an anxious time to see if they were still ok.

Today, of course, a tablet is that small bit of technology that goes with us wherever we are.  If I forget my tablet when I’m travelling it certainly increases my stress levels.

An Apple:  The old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” has never really gone away across the years, though perhaps it may figure less in the experience of today’s generations than in my childhood.

And today of course, Apple now usually refers to that big technology conglomerate that has its fair share of tablets and viruses of any variety.

But, there’s also a mindful process based on APPLE.

A:  Acknowledge
P:  Pause
P:  Pull Back
L:  Let Go
E:  Explore

I think each stage is self-explanatory, and anyway you can google it for yourself.

Using this process through the day can help us to try and regain a sense of balance amidst all the current fears and uncertainties.

And we all certainly need some of that.

So, be aware of the virus, don’t forget your tablet, and have at least one apple a day.

Stay safe & take care.