There we all were meandering our way through our daily life and work, when someone in the family suddenly announced that not only are they moving to a remote island 800 miles away, they are moving in 5 weeks’ time.

Now 800 miles or so probably doesn’t sound far really in the grand scheme of things in this day and age when we can easily get on planes, trains, tubes and buses almost anywhere in the world.  But when that 800 miles includes a ferry to a remote island, it’s a huge distance and a lot of travel time.

So everything is thrown up in the air.  There’s a bit of family shell-shock going on. It’s actually a big wake-up call for all of us.

Secretly I’m a bit jealous.  I’ve long held a dream of living on this remote island and running a family business.  Some of us even found a house to buy and renovate there some years ago.

But we didn’t.  We came back to our routine lives and work, catching up every so often and remembering the dreams of long ago.

And it struck me with quite some force, once again, as if I needed yet another reminder, that if we have a dream, then we have to actually do something about it.

Many clients, particularly within life coaching, present with a dream, wanting some significant change in their life.  Often they want the coach to wave a magic wand for them.  Actively doing something to achieve that dream for themselves without a magic wand, is quite another matter.

And a huge challenge.

And if it’s such a huge challenge to manage and achieve something like that for ourselves, how do we support a client in that very same process?

So as well as feeling just that bit jealous right now, I am also finding a deep respect for someone taking such a bold move.  I’m excited.  And, of course, I feel a need to take stock of what I really want in my life – and most importantly what am I going to do about it?

The silver lining in the remote island thing, of course, is that endless family members will trek up there for free holidays!  So perhaps there’s space for me to really do some hard work of my own in realising my own dream as well.

What are you doing about your dream this year?