“Finding the Clown”.......or a lesson in patience.

One of the local villages near me produces a monthly magazine with the usual array of news articles, photos, adverts and puzzles.  Amongst all the other content is a club for younger readers based on a friendly clown, and a monthly competition to “find the clown” hidden somewhere in the magazine.

Now, I have to admit that in the 8 years I have lived in this area, I have never once found the clown!

The constant search for the clown reminds me of those times within the therapeutic process when we allow ourselves to get caught up in an intense focus on finding a way through, the indefinable answer, the seemingly unattainable breakthrough.

And when all seems lost, and we yield to a deep sigh of exasperation........there’s that “eureka” moment.  Suddenly there’s the element that answers all the questions.  The button that releases all the energy.  The door that opens up the way ahead.  And it was there all the time.  Shouting out loudly to be seen.  Obvious beyond belief.  But there – if only we are patient and trust the process.

But – back to the clown....

Two friends and I were discussing the clown recently, armed with copies of the very magazine in question. Conversation snippets included:  “How on earth can children find this clown picture if we can’t”......”perhaps they automatically filter out all the stuff that catches our eyes as adults”.............”perhaps they simply only look in specific places whilst we adults take in everything.........”

Whatever the process, the three of us had never found the clown.  So, of course, we were on a mission.....

Silence followed.  Intense focus and scrutiny.  The occasional sigh and witty quip.

But no clown.

Of course, we very easily got to the point of joking that they had forgotten to print the clown in that particular edition......

But we still had no clown.

So we closed the magazines, and made a cup of tea.  We talked about some of the local issues, our own events during the week, our plans for the weekend. We flicked through the pages again, not looking at anything in particular.  We shared some yummy chocolate biscuits.

Guess what?!..........

We found the clown 

Be patient.