Let’s face it, we all get through tough times in our own way.

And we have all of us had some tough times in past months.

Some of us need routines & ritual to provide a sense of security.  Some of us need a specific project or activity.

But whatever works for us ultimately needs to nurture our core sense of self, physically, mentally & emotionally.

I was watching a couple of interviews recently with Dickie Bird, a retired international cricket umpire, and Jake Tyler, mental health advocate and author.

Dickie had devised a daily exercise routine for himself to get through shielding for a year.
Jake walked the whole of the UK coastline.
Personally, I would struggle with either of those.  But more recently I have established a new routine of work hours, meditation, journalling, and some me-time.

It’s only taken me a whole year of lockdown & restrictions to get there!

It’s about learning to live with and manage those parts of ourselves that struggle in tough times.

I think it was Jake Tyler who said “The things we go through are individual to us, but our emotional responses are often the same”.

Sometimes, whether as therapists or simply ordinary individuals there is “pressure to know what to say or have the answers” particularly if we are with someone going through tough times.

The answer surely is simply about being present and offering small gestures, whether that’s to someone else or ourselves.

So think about what helps you get through it.  And what you need for yourself right now.

And for me?  A cup of tea please.  Milk, no sugar.