Now I’m sure, like me, you have had that sinking “here we go again” feeling when you are listening to someone’s story, whether that’s a friend or a client.

It can also be the case that we feel that “here we go again” moment with a recurring event or outcome in our own life.

I recently applied to change my contract in one of my freelance work settings.  Twice I tried, and twice I got the same response.  I could try again, but I absolutely feel that it will be a “here we go again” moment.

So it’s at those times we need to press pause and take some time to reflect on the process and where it’s all going.

When it’s a recurring event in our life, or a sense of getting back to the same place yet again with work, money, relationship or whatever, we need to explore how we might address that in order to achieve a different outcome.

If we are listening to someone’s story for the umpteenth time of telling, again we perhaps need to “press pause” and reflect on what need is being expressed but not yet been met that results in a constant re-telling of the story.

Now that’s easy to say, and difficult to do I know.  Particularly if the story I am listening to is one I know every word of.  And particularly if I find myself in exactly the same place with something that I’ve been in endless, endless times before.

It may even be about the time of year...”here we go again”’s summer holidays and our usual routine goes out of the window.  Or it’s Christmas, Easter, Eid, Rosh Hashanah, Diwali, etc, and we get the same sinking feeling about the preparations, the hassle and disruption.

Something has to give.  Something has to break the chain.

Whatever it is that creates that “here we go again” feeling needs to be listened to.

Only that will enable us to find a way though and out, and perhaps achieve a different outcome for ourselves and those around us.

So press pause next time you have that “here we go again” feeling.  Press pause as a friend.  As a therapist.  Or for yourself.

Press it.