Back to Basics:  Let’s start at the beginning.

You’ve signed up for an online course, and are about to get started with your first Module.

But just how do you make that start?

It will be different for each person, but there are some basic elements that are present for all, and I would suggest that essentially it’s about being disciplined, realistic and creative.

And flexible.

Timetable:  This is an individual issue – only you know the commitments on your time from work, home, family, training etc etc.  But setting aside a specific amount of time on a regular day, at a regular time, at regular intervals will best help support your progress through the coursework.  Find the routine that best works for you.  Remember that the best laid plans can go astray at times so being flexible is important.

Be disciplined.

Goals:  The thing about goals is that they need to be realistic.  It’s no good setting yourself a goal of one Module per week if you find it difficult to find even half an hour a week to do the coursework.  Allow yourself regular time to review your goals and adjust them accordingly.  Life happens, so being flexible is important.

Be realistic.

Support:  An online course requires you to find your own means of support.  You will need to have your own inner and external support systems in place, and be much more pro-active with this aspect than with face to face group training.  Work creatively to find the people and processes that best support you.  Keep a journal.  Use the skills and techniques for yourself.  Find a trusted friend or mentor.  Use your tutor.  Being flexible is important!
Be creative.

Ultimately, it’s all in your hands.

Be disciplined.  Be realistic.  Be creative.  Be flexible.

And above all, enjoy it!