I’m always an advocate for a good practice of reflection and review whatever point you are at in the training, qualification, practice process.

Some of us do that daily by journaling at the end of each day; others may use meditation, or self reflection exercises through the day or week; for others it might be a monthly or a more periodic review of work and achievements.

So, just because we all need a bit of light relief every so often, I thought I would use this Blog to review one of my recent weeks.

Because every so often we all need something to laugh at.

Firstly I cut my hair.

Big mistake.

Though I did have the good sense to do it after the work zoom meeting rather than before.

But generally – BIG mistake! Trust me!

Then, I also reflected that throughout the zoom meeting my cat was asleep on the back of the armchair behind me totally hidden from camera.  Immediately the zoom meeting ended, the cat got up, had something to eat and then went out on his way for a while!

Honestly he just had to be there for the meeting!

Then we had “Wheelie Bin-Gate” with a neighbour having decided to clear almost every single item from his home, put it all in an incredible number of black bin bags and pile them all up round the bins in the bin store.

The refuse collectors were NOT amused.  There was a lot of bad language, and much time spent throwing the bags around the bin store (they could have got them all in the rubbish cart in that time), taking photos (presumably of resident misdemeanours by putting out so many bags) and generally being very bad tempered about it.

But what was my neighbour thinking?!

Anyway, several of us then spent the next 20 mins putting all the bags left behind into the bins which are now full again but will not be emptied for another 2 weeks....

And then, towards the end of the week, as I was marking student work online, mid way through a Module, my computer FROZE.  Completely, utterly.  Most alarming.  The only way of sorting it was to switch it off totally and restart.

But somehow I lost the work....so apologies to anyone out there who felt there was not quite a seamless process in their marked Module last week.

And all of that just goes to show that “life happens” even to online tutors.  And tutors are human too.

And my journalling and reflection brought back some smiles, and got me back into balance once more for another day and another week of work ...

And we all certainly need some reflection time right now.  What has your week been like?