I’m not sure about the magic bit really when it comes to any form of therapy or coaching.  No therapist can “pull a rabbit out of the hat”, though of course we can be part of the process of finding those “light bulb” moments – still not magic though is it?

Rather a careful process of reflection illuminating ideas and connections. and shining a light on hidden or previously overlooked aspects, or suddenly finding that one missing link.

There is no magic “fix” or solution usually, however much clients might want that from us.
Mantras, however, do seem to me to enable a magical process at times.  The more we repeat phrases and affirmations, the more our minds connect with them and believe them, and the more our bodies adopt the behaviours and beliefs we aspire to.

They require focus and patience along with that yearning to succeed and change –and a commitment to practice that works towards our overall goal of something new and exciting.
Mandalas, on the other hand, are just pure magical delight to me.  An ancient process of creating a design, usually circular, with repeating patterns, imagery, symbols and colours that represent the universe, wholeness and structure.

Mandalas can be created in coloured sand which are then washed away with the rain or blown away in the wind emphasising the transient nature of all things.
The magic comes in engaging with the process of creation.  And with the beauty of what is created.
In expressing deep inner thoughts and meaning, and finding a release and outward expression of that inner journey, they are symbols of sacredness, rite and ritual.
There is a wealth of published materials on mandalas, as well as mandala templates to colour in.

I have used mandala creation activities with individuals both clients and supervisees, and with groups, and created mandalas in paint, crayon, and as collages with a whole mix of materials.

They too require focus and patience and a deep engagement with a process that provides release from the troubles of the moment, rather like a therapeutic process.

You might well discover a new mantra in creating a mandala. They can be a form of prayer, meditation; a process of inner reflection; and a gentle & creative means of self discovery through the symbolism & imagery.
You might find an answer or a way forward as you “join up the dots” in your life.

Or you might find your own “light bulb” moment and a deep inner sense of peace.

Now that surely has to be magic in anyone’s mind in the context of our current world!

Try it for yourself.........