Now I realise some of you may already be thinking that I have lost the plot over the holiday period, but stick with it...

Rice Puddings:  A “love it” or “hate it” item I find!  Personally I love them – though not the skin on the top, which, as far as I'm concerned, is the most horrible texture known to humankind!  My daughter, conversely, thinks the skin on the top is the best part of the dish.

And that's precisely the point really – each of us will have different tastes, characteristics, mannerisms, likes and dislikes etc.  And just because my daughter likes the skin on top of the rice pudding does not mean she is wrong and I am right (or even vice versa!).

Reindeer:  Now I learned an interesting fact recently about reindeer – that female reindeer are the ones who keep their antlers through autumn and winter in order to protect their young.  Male reindeer lose theirs.

So “Rudolf” may not actually have been Rudolf!  Sorry to burst the bubble there.  Not everything is always what it seems.  And the client in front of you may not necessarily be who or what you assume.

So don't make assumptions!

And remember that different doesn't mean wrong....

Respect:  And of course, that's where the respect comes in.  It doesn't matter what the client in front of you looks like.  It doesn't matter what their likes and dislikes are.  They are still a human being like you and me.  And deserve respect.

So even if your client loves the skin on top of the rice pudding, and whatever you think of how they present themselves, they are still worthy of respect.

After all, you would want the same from them wouldn't you?