When I was small, my mother was what would be described now as “a stay-at-home mum”, and my mother had an absolutely cast-iron routine.  Monday was always wash day.  And Friday was always baking day.  I can’t remember much in between, though it probably included an ironing day, shopping day, cleaning day etc!

I’m all for a bit of routine in life.  There’s a sense in which that level of organisation can support us in achieving all the items on our “to do” list.

But sometimes, the very routine that is positive and helps us, also becomes limiting when we stick like it to glue for security without any thought of deviating from it.

Unfortunately that meant for my mother that Monday was always wash day even if we had torrential rain.  And there were no tumble dryers “back in the day”!

As I reflect back on that now, I can see that her personal security and self-worth were inextricably bound up in that routine to prove both to herself and the rest of the family that she knew what she was doing, and that she was doing it well.

I’m not suggesting, of course, that we should throw our routine out of the window.  But I think there is reason in reviewing that routine at times in order to better support our work and achievements.

When Monday brought torrential rain, it also brought piles of wet clothes hanging on airers all the way through the house; complaints from my father that nothing was clean, dry and ironed ready for when he needed it; and sulks from us children whose play areas were restricted by long lines of washing everywhere.

But, the washing had to be done on Mondays.  Full stop.

It’s almost like a huge fear that if we change our routine everything will somehow go wrong.  Like the people who always sit in the same pew in church (woe betide a visitor who sits in “their” seat!); or those who always sit in the same seats on the bus.

Obviously we may have regular meetings and groups in the diary.  But sometimes, just sometimes........changing that routine can bring new opportunities.

Certainly it’s a risk.  It’s a challenge.

Embrace it.

I’m writing this on a Friday,...... and I’m just going to put the washing in the machine......