Whether it’s New Year Resolutions, big life-changing decisions, or adapting to changed circumstances, I am conscious that many attempts, including mine, fall by the wayside after a short time because we try and take HUGE strides rather than small steps.

Obviously there are times when progress is very fast and we do, in effect make those “huge strides” towards our goal“  But in reality those huge strides are all made up of small steps.

Whether we are doing it for ourselves or are working more formally with a Life Coach, those small steps to progress are essential.

For me, right now, it’s about exercise and regaining some mobility and flexibility.

That means, if I add in the detail, my overall goal is to be able to do a good long walk (5-10 miles for me...) and also go walking in the Scottish mountains and bagging some Scottish munros eventually in summer 2022.

And that’s a big goal for me to hold onto.

But right now, the detail of that is that I do 10mins of exercise at home 3 times a week.

Now, your response might be that that is very little with such a big goal.

But coaching is nothing but specific, detailed and focussed, and above all realistic and achievable.

And I am telling you that 10mins 3 times a week is all of that for me.

And in a couple of weeks’ time when my sense of motivation and achievement is engaged by having successfully completed that, then I will increase the frequency and/or time.

If your overall goal is to regain some mobility and flexibility, much depends on your starting point, as well as the specifics and context of that mobility and flexibility.

If that specific detail is about completing a marathon, then your small steps may well be bigger than mine.  If you are recovering from illness, then your small steps may be smaller than mine.

Both are valid.

The “litmus test” if you like, has to be about your starting point as well as your overall goal if it’s going to be achievable.

And of course, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.....” and all that.

So if I, and you, really want to make huge strides in our life and towards our goals, then it absolutely will only be achieved by small steps.

What are your small steps for today?