Of course, this is part of a familiar saying to many of us, but it seems to me also to be a very apt description of this time of year when we are looking back on the old and looking forward to the new.

We may have things we want very much to forget about the old.  And we may also have some good memories to hold on to as well.

But what of the new?  What am I going to do with my life in the coming year?  Will it be more of the same?  Or will it be something completely different?

Just imagine yourself for a moment as a client starting that first counselling session.  Will it just turn out like everything else?  Or will it be a new adventure?

Which feels safe?  Which feels scary?

Or are you starting a new course?  Will you be engaging with repeating patterns of procrastination or sabotage?  Or will you be exploring new elements within and around you?

Of course, there's usually a mixture of both aspects of old and new as we go forward into the new year.  The same job, house, relationship, car etc.

And the person starting therapy will be the same you.

And the person starting training is you too.

But think about what you are taking with you from the old.  And what you want to allow into your life as something new.

Are you prepared to delve into something new for yourself, whether that's in therapy or training or whatever aspect of your life needs a little something new in it right now?

For me, the something new is about technology this year – at least just right now that is.  A few weeks ago something inside my laptop broke down.  My computer guy started uttering words like “irreparable” and “knackered” (very technical term that!”).  So my “something new” is getting enough technology together to get me through and then getting to grips with a new system.

Now no-one said the something new would be easy!...

What's your “something new” this year?