Like me, you may well have heard those TV & radio adverts that include in the final seconds a list of terms & conditions delivered at breakneck speed - presumably to comply with legal requirements - but delivered at such speed that anyone listening would be very hard pushed to make head or tail of any item in the list.

The last time I heard such a ridiculous few seconds of essential but unintelligible detail, I got to reflecting on what my own Terms & Conditions are in relation to my work, any service I sign up to, or anything I buy into.  And, of course, any service I might also provide.

As a client, what do I specifically want or expect from my therapist?

As a therapist, what terms & conditions do I require from my clients or supervisees?

And perhaps most importantly, what is contained in the “small print” written or spoken, that I have overlooked?

As a therapist, setting terms & conditions is part of a clear and ethical contracting process.

As a client asking a coach or therapist for detail is about deciding what you need and want most.

It’s also important to reflect on and consider what are absolute terms & conditions, and what you are willing to be flexible with according to circumstance.

Right now, I am looking for some therapy.  Because I simply need that professional space for personal development & support at this point in my life.

One of my specific terms & conditions is that that has to be face to face work.  No compromise.

So I guess that means I will need to wait a little longer yet.  My decision.

I don’t do well on either side of online therapy.

So what are you not prepared to gloss over, or speed through?  What do you specifically need to focus on in terms of choosing the right therapist, supervisor, training course, or with your own personal development right now?

What are your own specific Terms & Conditions?