I was watching a session of the World Snooker Championships recently, and heard the MC making the introductions and welcoming players and audience alike to “the Arena of Dreams”.

What a fabulous phrase!  It certainly caught my attention, and my imagination.

Dreams are those things we hold dearest and closest to our heart.

An arena is where battles are fought hard and won or lost sometimes on the smallest of margins.

But to enter the arena of dreams is to enter a magical world where all things are possible.

When we enter the therapeutic space as a client and engage with counselling, life coaching, hypnotherapy or any other related therapy, it’s our arena of dreams.

When we enter that space as a therapist we are supporting and enabling another to achieve what is closest and dearest to them.

It simply fires my imagination and rekindles my energy to envisage the process in that way.

And even more - we can create our own “arena of dreams” in personal times of self-therapy too.

Finding a comfortable place, a chair by a window, a cushion on the floor, whatever it is, and spending some quality time there means I can create that magical, powerful arena for myself.

So can you.

So think about the dreams that you hold in your hand today.  Engage with finding that magical space for yourself and your personal arena of dreams.

Reflect on the dreams of your clients.  Consider how you might facilitate that working space to become the “arena of dreams” for your client.

Breathe in the atmosphere deeply.  And enjoy both the process and the outcome.

What magic!  What a privilege!  What energy!

Go for it!