Along with a first aid kit, a DIY kit is useful on a daily basis.

But when it comes to therapy, we are often somehow lacking in our own DIY kit I find.

We focus on the client process.  We use our skills and techniques, working models and creative activities to enable a client to work through issues and resolve problems, set goals and turn their lives round.

But when we are faced with our own “repair” issues, we are frequently lacking in ideas or tools.

I often ask students and trainees to consider techniques and activities they might use for themselves to work through something and the response can often be a blank look and a long drawn out “errrrm.....”

But just think about it for a moment.

We have an amazing store of activities, techniques, tools, methods, concepts that we use every day in session with clients.

So what about using some of that tool kit for ourselves?

The excuses are varied.  The murmurings of awkwardness are frequent.  And the confusion is great.

But in a little bit of DIY therapy, reflect for a moment on how the therapist, coach, hypnotherapist -you would engage with the client-you.

The tool kit is there to be used whether that's with a client or with yourself.

And if you are not willing to engage with that, then I would suggest that any client might rightly feel a little short-changed.

If you can't (or won't) use the tool kit for yourself, what are you doing expecting your client to do that very same thing?

Not only do we have a rich tool kit at our disposal, but in using it for DIY, we will not only enable ourselves to work through issues, but significantly increase our understanding and experience for when we use the tools and techniques with clients.

So next time, you are faced with our own problems or difficulties, think about it.

The DIY kit is there to be used.  What's in yours?