There’s a sea of daisies on the green outside my house.  And the “Daisy Chain Incident” is right at the front of my mind.

You simply would not believe just how many videos there are on YouTube on how to make a daisy chain!  Really?!

But back to the “Daisy Chain Incident”.  Many years ago, during school exams, I found myself with two exams on one particular day.  So, a classmate and I took our packed lunches and went to the park in between.

It was summer, the daisies were out in force.  We had our lunches and a small radio.  We chatted, made daisy chains and listened to music.

Somehow, we seemed to miss time checks (to this day I’m sure there were none) ....and it was quiet with no-one else around.  Neither of us had a watch, and it was in the years BM (before mobiles) ......

I know....

Eventually, when we decided it surely must be time to get back to school, we walked back with our daisy chains on our wrists, admittedly feeling somewhat anxious, but totally naive and unsuspecting.


Of course, we were late.  Of course, the teacher invigilating the exam yelled at us.  Of course, our daisy chain dreams were dashed – particularly since we were ordered to take them off and “lose” them.  They went in our bags and got rather squashed.

But we did the exam.

Daisy chains can symbolise the linking of events, experiences and dreams into one whole thing of beauty.  Or they might symbolise circular patterns of behaviour that require us to break the chain and start again.  They might need an occasional repair.

After our exams, my classmate and I retrieved our daisy chains from the bottom of our school bags, fluffed them up a little, put them back on our wrists, and walked animatedly back home.

It seems to me that the stuff of therapy is about enabling someone to create or repair their personal daisy chain.  Bringing memories, events, experiences and dreams together in a thing of beauty.

Of course, daisy chains don’t last forever.  But there are fresh supplies every year.  And each new year brings new experiences into our lives.

As it happens, neither of us has suffered the eternal damnation predicted by the teacher on that particular day.  But the daisy chain incident remains indelibly printed in my mind.  And we even passed the exam!

The daisy chains of our life can be repaired, restored and renewed as often as we need them to be.

Because daisies will always grow in your garden.

Just like mine.