I remember starting out as a trainee therapist feeling that there needed to be something powerful and inspirational in every single therapy session. Very quickly I learned that life isn’t quite like that.  There were times in sessions with clients where it often felt like nothing was really happening.  And there were certainly times in my own therapy sessions where I left feeling very underwhelmed.

But over the years, I learned that that part of the process, the “everyday” part can be one of the most significant parts of the process.

Just as there is an ebb and flow in life, so there is an ebb and flow in the therapeutic process.  Some great insight is realised; a significant point is reached; and then everything slows down to the meandering pace of the everyday.

Sometimes I’ve struggled in therapy as a client, wanting to get through the pain of that moment and feel the release and the achievement of sorting something out.

Sometimes I’ve struggled in therapy as a therapist, wanting the client to get on with it and engage with the process of “letting go”, or reach that “light bulb” moment in order to come through the other side.

But if we allow that process to happen and engage with the flow, it allows for a time of consolidation, integration and a chance to draw breath before the next deeper part of the process begins.

It all takes time.  And therapy takes time.

The process is individual for each client.  Forcing things on and rushing things through doesn’t work.  The therapeutic process will happen, if we allow it, for ourselves and for the client.

The everyday sessions are just as important as the inspirational sessions.  Both are part of the whole picture.

Without those everyday sessions, the inspirational just wouldn’t have time to grow and emerge.  And the inspirational sessions need the everyday for balance and integration.

Those everyday sessions are both preparation for and recovery from the inspirational sessions.

Remember too, that your everyday session may just well be someone else’s inspiration session!

So, get to know the joy of the everyday and enjoy the whole picture.