I don’t know about you, but when I was a child there were far more lollipop men and women than there are today.

As a child I walked on my own to both my infant and junior school down a hill.  At the bottom of that hill there was a zebra crossing and a lollipop lady.

Unfortunately for me, I lived on the same side of the road as the school, so I very rarely got to experience being escorted across the road by the lollipop lady.  But I watched the interaction between her and the parents and children, and longed to have that cheery greeting and conversation for myself.

So, as I got a little older, and secretly defying my mother, I would, every so often, cross the main road by the traffic lights at the top of the hill in order to walk down the other side of the road, and get that lollipop experience for myself at the crossing at the bottom by the school.

Recently, I changed the way of getting to, and the timing of, one of my local contracts, so that now I have to walk through my village and cross the main road at morning school time twice a week.

And so I discovered “my” new lollipop lady.  Obviously I am adult.  And I have no children in tow now.  But she always gets me across the road.  Fabulous!

There’s a power and a safety in that process.  And a deep child-like enjoyment for me as well!

You may well be wondering what all this has to do with therapy...

Well, if you are a therapist or coach, think of yourself as that lollipop man or woman.  Standing with, and walking with the other person in a protected and safe space to enable them to get from one point to another.  Your entire focus is on them and ensuring their safe journey.

The client enters that space for a short time, and then goes on their way.  And you, as therapist prepare for another client.

Next time you sit down with your client at the start of a session, be mindful of the lollipop crossing imagery, and the impact of the process on the person who is trusting your care.

Mind how you go now!