It depends on your age and generation when it comes to technology I think.

When it comes to therapy and technology, well now that’s entirely another matter as far as I’m concerned.

I can almost hear the sharp intake of breath when I acknowledge that my first degree was completed without any help from Google – because Google wasn’t there.....

I’ve worked within therapeutic settings now for nearly 30 years, and that’s been fine with me in terms of gradually using computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones and all that stuff, because my main focus is working with people whether that’s individuals or groups.

However, as I’ve got older, I recognise that I am less bold when sorting out technical glitches or negotiating new apps, platforms or whatever they are called these days!

So – lockdown has presented significant challenges to me personally.

My heart still races a little fast when asked to engage in a webinar, or zoom conference.

When my now not-so-smart smart phone tells me no storage is left, and someone talks to me about a micro SD card for my phone, or an upgrade, I feel a definite meltdown coming on.

And when it comes to TikTok, houseparty, snapchat, instagram, pinterest and all those hidden depths, I start to display those characteristic “head in the sand” ostrich symptoms of avoidance.

It strikes me though that prior to lockdown, social media was credited with wrecking relationships, conversation and resulting in the rise of trolls and some very malicious content.

And suddenly exactly the opposite is true.

No doubt the trolls are still there, and the negative processes.  But it’s technology, zoom, whatsapp, google and all those other technics that are keeping us all together right now.

The moral of the story I suppose, is that there’s good and bad in everything and everyone.

And we need to focus on and build the former, whilst challenging the latter.

For now, I’m OK with the technology I have.

But my panic button has just been reactivated with the thought of downloading the NHS virus tracking app on my not-so-smart smart phone and an upcoming zoom meeting as well.

Perhaps even I have to decide to upgrade?