“I’m not sure about this coaching thing y’know”
“What do you mean ‘this coaching thing’?”
“Well, y’know, I’ve had enough of people telling me what to do.  All my life everyone’s been telling me what to do, and I’m not doing it anymore. I’m going to do what I want for a change.” 
“Well that sounds fair enough....like you’re taking responsibility for your own life.”
“Exactly.  So why would I go and see someone who’s going to take over my life again?”
“Well, for a start, a life coach doesn’t ‘tell people what to do’.  And they certainly don’t ‘take over your life’”
“What do they do then?”
“Well, firstly life coaches will help you identify what it is you want to do.  Then they’ll work with you to enable you to set out all the steps needed to reach your goal......so what exactly is it that you want to do?”
“Oh well, I have these great ideas for running a business.  I’ve been a chef for others long enough.  Now I want a little shop of my own.  And a cafe.  And do summer barbeques.  And cater for private parties......”
“How exciting!  It’s a lot of things all at once!  But it sounds exciting!  What do you think you need first of all though?  What’s the most important first step in all of that?”
“Hm.....I guess probably sorting out the money and budgets.....”
“Sounds like a big task”
“Well,....Aunt Emm’s left me a huge amount of money – she always said I need to do something with my life.  And I think I need to use it properly......... in her memory.  I need to feel she’s gonna be proud of me.”
“OK.  So you’ve clearly got a good funding source funds to start this all up.  How would you list out all the different elements to this set-up?”
“Oh it would take time to do that!  But I take your point.  I don’t want to miss anything out. I’ll need a very big sheet of paper!”
“Yes! So, break it down into sections - what’s the very first thing you need to think about?” 
“Oh, well......er.....there’s a finance chap I know who has said before I could ask if I need help with budgets and business plans.  Perhaps I’ll give him a ring.”
“Well, actually......yes, I’ll give him a ring next Tuesday when I’ve got a day off work, after I’ve written everything down, and have a chat to see what he says.  He’s said before he can give me some contacts.”
“That’s great.  You’re making a start already.  So you’re going to find that big piece of paper and write everything down.  And you’re going to ring this chap next Tuesday for some info & contacts.....and.......you’ve decided all that for yourself, just in this short conversation......so, what about ‘this coaching thing’ now then?”
“Oh......well....er.....ok ......perhaps there is something about it after all........Thanks!......and watch out for my new shop won’t you!”
“I certainly will!”