Well – it caught your eye didn’t it!  But what’s it all about then?

Treacle:  Only comes in one form as far as I know ie gloopy.  Whether treacle for you is the golden syrup or dark molasses version, it’s all gloopy, sticky and messy.

But sometimes, and I’m sure we have all been there, life can be like treacle.  The management meeting; the group session; the hour that seems to last a lifetime.

I’ve experienced “walking through treacle” both as a client and a therapist.  I’ve been there at the endless, endless meeting.

It’s part of the process.  Part of life.  Treacle, as they say, is here to stay.

In my part of the world, treacle toffee is part of Bonfire Night.  Endless treacle toffee that sticks anything to everything.  It’s fabulous!  But we don’t always get the fireworks with the treacle.  Sometimes it’s just unrelenting treacle.

Treacle is just treacle.  Therapy sessions, group sessions, meetings, supervision sessions etc don’t always have the amazing fireworks.  Sometimes there’s only treacle.  So best get used to it!

Tomatoes:  My father used to grow tomatoes in his greenhouse.  Fabulous tomatoes.  He also spent hours in that greenhouse on a folding camping chair.  When asked what he was doing, his usual reply was “watching the tomatoes grow”.

I know there are some fast-growing varieties, but generally, tomatoes take a bit of time.  They don’t usually grow up, flower, fruit and turn bright red overnight.

And sometimes therapy can be a bit like “watching the tomatoes grow.”  Slow.

Just as treacle is part of the therapeutic process.  So are tomatoes in my experience.  But actually, watching the tomatoes grow can be a deeply rewarding activity if we engage with it fully.  Active Watching is like Active Listening – a fully focussed activity.

So get the chair out, sit down and watch.

Tissues:  Now this is about the only time you will ever find me knowingly using the word “should” in relation to therapy.

You really should have a box of tissues in the room.

However gloopy the treacle, however slow-growing the tomatoes, you will always need tissues.  Because there will be tears.  There will also be colds, coughs and sneezes.  Hay Fever.  Spilled glasses of water.  And the occasional fly, wasp or bee to coax back out through the open window.  And spiders!

So there you are.  Treacle, Tomatoes and Tissues.  Who’d have thought it?!