Recognised & Quality Checked by the
National Hypnotherapy Society

Our Certificate in Hypnotherapy course will equip you with a good knowledge of hypnotherapy: a starting point for practice if you're new to the subject.

You’ll gain a clear understanding of all the basic concepts and techniques of hypnotherapy, including the history of this stimulating profession and its many uses in daily life, including relaxation.  You’ll learn many useful skills for your own personal growth as well as starting to build your own practical experiences of hypnotherapy.

This course is recognised and Quality Checked by the National Hypnotherapy Society which holds an Accredited Register, recognised by the Professional Standards Authority.

This course allows you to experience the hypnotherapy profession and helps you to decide if hypnotherapy is a career you wish to continue with. If so, your approved certificate demonstrates that you have undertaken foundation learning, which makes it easier to take the next step towards a professional career.

Although there are no statutory regulations governing the title ‘Hypnotherapist’ we would not recommend that you would be able to claim yourself to be a competent practitioner by only doing our online course, or indeed any other distance learning course in this field. Our courses are designed to be an introductory step in the process and if you decide you’d like to pursue it as a career; we would advise undertaking a professional level, face-to-face course which gives you the necessary supervised hours you would require to enter this sector. You can achieve this with Chrysalis Courses.

On completion of the course, you will achieve:

  • Chrysalis Online Certificate in Hypnotherapy (Cert Hyp) recognised by the National Hypnotherapy Society
  • Guaranteed interview for face-to-face professional hypnotherapy training with Chrysalis Courses held in 30 venues across the UK which is a route to the Accredited Register
  • 10% Discount on future professional training if successful, worth up to £494.60 (Discount is not valid in conjunction with any other offers or promotions)

Minimum Time to Complete: 4 weeks

The syllabus consists of 3 modules:

module 1 - an introduction to hypnosis and therapy

  • What is hypnotherapy - a brief Introduction.
  • Altered states of consciousness - a look at the most familiar altered states of consciousness.
  • A History of Hypnosis.
  • Exploring the myths about and uses of hypnosis.

module 2 - knowledge development and application

  • The uses of suggestion in our society.
  • What is stage hypnosis and how does it compare to the use of hypnosis in therapy.
  • The Positive Therapeutic Benefits and Applications of Hypnosis.

module 3 - successful relaxation, deepening the state and back to the here and now!

  • Learning about relaxation including who to use to practice on and how to prepare yourself.
  • The technique of Progressive Muscle Relaxation.
  • How to deepen relaxation in a subject.
  • How to bring your subject back to full awareness - counting the subject out of relaxation.


Upon successful completion of every one of our courses, you will achieve a Certificate or Diploma which (where indicated) is Quality Checked by the relevant professional associations National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS) or National Hypnotherapy Society. Some courses (where indicated) allow you to practice straight away.

The Work

Our courses are solely coursework based so students are able to download and print the relevant material to read and then you will be encouraged to complete a variety of tasks. These can be typed either directly onto our Word Processing service or alternatively you can use Microsoft Word to upload and submit your coursework. If you would prefer to receive materials in the post this can be arranged at time of purchase (extra charges apply.)

Each module has a number of difference exercises within it and you are asked to complete every exercise in full before submitting your module for marking. If you are successful in passing, you will receive your results and the next module will become available for you to begin. When you have completed all the modules, you will receive your Certificate.

Time to Complete

All our courses indicate the minimum time you would need to complete them. The main thing to remember though, is that you can take as long as you like to complete your studies *

* Terms and Conditions Apply.

Your own Tutor

When you purchase a Chrysalis Course Online you will be assigned to one of our expert tutors who really know their specialist subject and who has been instrumental in building the content for your course. You can contact them easily for help and advice throughout your course ensuring you have all the support you need to achieve success.

Coffee Shop Forum

Our coffee shop forum is a great interactive tool where students can meet online to discuss their course or simply chat with like-minded people. It provides a support base where you can make friends and feel part of a community – who knows, you could even meet up with your new friend on a professional level face-to-face Chrysalis course in the future!

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